I Thought This Weekend Was What I Needed

by Dear Season,

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released May 23, 2013

Vocals: Will Ingram
Bass: Will Ingram
Guitars: Clay Smith
Drums: Reid Surrett

All music written by Will Ingram, Clay Smith, and Reid Surrett.

All recording, mixing, and mastering done by Reid Surrett at RESU Studio.

Album art and photography done by Matt Rhodes of Matt Rhodes Designs.

Special thanks to Jacob Cleghorn, Joey Ivey, Yuengling and Trees.



all rights reserved


Dear Season, Selma, Alabama

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Track Name: Lightweight
It's just a little late 11:11 reminder,
Now it's 12 hours till again.
Are you still my best friend?
Am I just a bargaining chip?

'Cause one day those frail bones
will tear right through your thin skin,

I always expected your back to stand straight
I never imagined it would bend under such a light weight.

You're such a lightweight
a lightweight..
You're such a lightweight
a lightweight.

So stare at the clock 'til
time seems to stand still.
I'm scared that you'll hate me
but I have to say this.
I'm spent and I'm wasted
from striving for greatness.
I gave you the chances
but you wouldn't take them,
You wouldn't take them,

Well I guess all the mounted stress
pressured your fate
I'm sorry to say
But I don't have the time

I always expected your back to stand straight.
I never imagined it would bend under such a lightweight.
Track Name: Dear Season
I've been quitting for awhile now,
can't seem to let it go, all the way
placing shapes into spaces somehow,
where they don't wanna go
at least not today.

'Cause tomorrow's always better,
Yeah its always better.

Just one for the road
I swear it wont be long
Follow us all the way down
They'll never prove us wrong.

I'm just waiting,
dear season,
please come again.

I doubt you will so I'll just come out and get it. x2

Turn the lights down low
Let me teach you to play without all the notes.
not necessarily proper, but definitely better
consider this an open letter,
'cause its honest and ugly,
just like that old christmas sweater
you wore that one holiday.
Track Name: The Weekend
I, I wasn't made for nine to fives.
or any other kind
of stiff ass straight edge job
I cant fuckin' take it
I know where my place is.

Home, will never be the same
cause we'll always be gone
out on the road
meeting new faces
and seeing new places.

And im only growing older
day by day
i swear i feel the time slipping away

I thought this weekend,
is what i needed.

writing songs til 3am,
bangin' adderalls with my best friends
they try to tell us drugs are bad,
when they're okay with

Prescription methamphetamine,
and replacing the American Dream
with fuckin' mediocrity
its a buy and sell society.

as long as we stick to the dose
so long as its not up my nose
as long as this bottle stays closed
with secrets that only i know.

im taking back what was taken from me
all the lies told to protect what we were told to believe
and all they ever do is tell us everything
how can you stand for this?
how can you stand for?

prescription methamphetamine
and replacing the American Dream
with fuckin mediocrity
its a buy and sell society.

Never been the type to need much,
never knew that this small town
would take, such a toll on us.
gonna finally buy that cheap bus,
and hit the road, jack.

We ain't never comin' back

haha ha ha, HE HE HEEEE,.......bet.